What are readers saying about "The Intrusion"? 

Abby Johnson, Pro-life advocate: "I am not a crazy endorser of things, but this book is so good, I can't not tell you how wonderful it is. I started this book and could NOT put it down. It is a Christian mystery book...and it is AWESOME!! You will be hooked on the characters, the story line, and the ending...AHHHHH! Just read it!"

Mark Waldrop, Broadway actor and director: Kristin Detrow creates memorable, all-too real characters and propels them through a series or hair raising plot twists that keeps pushing the envelope of suspense fuction. More than once I thought, "Did she really go there?" Yes, she did."

Pam, Hagerstown, MD: The Intrusion is the real deal. I was blown away by this book."

Missy, Burlington, WV: "... a book with a great, fast-paced story line, thought provoking views, clever humor, and enough chills to make you keep the light on just a little longer. If you put this book back down, you have truly missed out."

Rebecha, WV: Unlike typical Christian mysteries, Detrow's book proves to be a real THRILLER. ....Leave the lights on (goosebumps in the middle of page 31;) ..... As cliche as it may sound .... I couldn't put it down. I finished the entire book in less than 36 hours and then sent the author a Facebook message to inquire about the possibility of a second book to follow up to this one. I finished reading this book two months ago, and I still carefully consider the characters and story line nearly every day. It haunts me .... but in the very best of ways."

Amazon review from reader Jaytch: The first time I was handed this book, I thought I would read a few pages at a time. I finished the entire book in one 9 hour sitting. I could not stop. The characters, the atmosphere, the absolute gift of telling a story and making every cell feel like "this is real!" was overwhelming. This book will not disappoint you. It is hard to "catagorize" it. Suspense, fiction, real life dilemmas, spiritual issues, sin, redemption, love, relationship, tears, laughter. Why would you not buy this book?"

Kimberly, Hagerstown, MD: This is by far one of the best fiction books I have ever read!! That's saying alot for the fact that this is a Christian fiction book. For the most part, I have found Christian fiction to be utterly disappointing. I was completely and pleasantly surprised at the amount of depth and intrigue that this book contains. I went into this book thinking "I would take it easy" and "stroll" through the book at a casual pace, but once I was past chapter 2 I was hooked and couldn't wait until I had more time to read. Not only is this book great fiction, but it is thought-provoking as well. I am anxiously awaiting Kristin Detrow's next book - In fact, I have prayed for her to have more time in her days to write so that I can get my hands on her next book. Truly, God will no doubt use this book in many people's lives!"

Maggie, Hagerstown, MD: Brace yourself...If you want a page turner and don't mind being up all night, this is the book for you! I knew after the first chapter that I wouldn't be able to put this book down, so I went ahead, baked myself some cookies and prepared to stay up into the wee hours of the morning finishing "The Intrusion." Enough said, this is a page turner by someone who knows how to write! Hats off to Kristin Detrow for a thrilling and thought provoking first novel. Your readers hope you will be around for a long time!"

Kerry, Florida: The author's down-to-earth writing style and realistic characters are what initially pull the reader in. The characters' flawed humanity made them that much more real and kept my head inside their world with each word I read. The author is gifted in the art of story-telling and pacing. Once begun, the Intrusion is nearly impossible to put down because the story keeps coming at the reader, not in your face, but piece by intriguing piece. The Intrusion wraps around the imagination and settles in the soul, where it asks age-old questions that only a loving God can answer. I highly recommend this book, and I'm eagerly waiting for other books from this author. Oh, and make sure you leave an extra light on while you're reading. You'll need it."